1 thought on “Queer Dharma: Voices of Gay Buddhists

  1. This book is pretty much excellent with a couple of exceptions.My biggest dislike is the way pederasty is presented. Cultural context or no cultural context, pederasty is child rape and has nothing at all to do with our modern understanding of being gay and gay life. Again, that's just a very small part and this book is mostly excellent.A lot in this book is really, um, you know, like, deep and philosophical and stuff. My personal favorite, even though it's kind of shallow, is the story about th [...]

  2. In it's first section, "Queer Dharma" sets out to show that Buddhism is essentially silent on the issue of sexuality in terms of whether it prefers hetero vs. homo. This silence on the issue of sexuality (whereas Buddhist Dhamma is quite clear about specific sex acts in certain suttas) should make Buddhism a good choice for gays seeking a spiritual expression that carries no hidden agendas regarding them. It also shows how the Buddhist texts face the same problems today that Christian texts do: [...]

  3. Highly recommend - IF - you are up for dense, highly sighted, very academic read. This is not for the reader looking for a light, frothy romp through Buddhist history, philosophy, and culture.

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