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Thin Ice

  • Title: Thin Ice
  • Author: K.R. Bankston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Thin Ice Welcome to the city of Atlanta home of Hip Hop Moguls JD Luda TI Outkast and where Magic has its own city and redemption from sin can be found at any number of Mega Ministries the city heralds I

    Welcome to the city of Atlanta, home of Hip Hop Moguls JD, Luda, TI, Outkast and , where Magic has its own city and redemption from sin can be found at any number of Mega Ministries the city heralds It s also home to Ian Ice Bailey a man as dangerous as he is sexy Our story begins on the East side, where we meet Ice and our supporting cast Kaitlyn KiKi Ross andWelcome to the city of Atlanta, home of Hip Hop Moguls JD, Luda, TI, Outkast and , where Magic has its own city and redemption from sin can be found at any number of Mega Ministries the city heralds It s also home to Ian Ice Bailey a man as dangerous as he is sexy Our story begins on the East side, where we meet Ice and our supporting cast Kaitlyn KiKi Ross and Jaleesa Tweety Mitchell two ladies who can hold their own in the game, making moves and plays as well as any of their male counterparts Things are fine until Tweety crosses the line, unwittingly dragging KiKi along, and invade Ice s territory That s when everything becomes complicated.Throw in a romantic triangle or three and the fun really starts Ice has a thing for KiKi, but she has a thing for Tariq Tariq Taylor is the short order cook she sells smack to and thinks he s a junkie Tariq is into KiKi, but Landon, the guy who works for the arena league that KiKi meets at the club, is determined she s going to be with him Confused yet No Well there s Tweety s man Evan, Landon s friend, who isn t what he presents himself to be and who also happens to have hidden lust for KiKi.Ice is not a man accustomed to hearing no, or being outwitted in his business His reaction to both is force, sometimes deadly Begin the ride with us and meet all the players in our serial drama, starting with the beginning, BEWARE Thin Ice.

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    1. By P. Cannon "SK" - See all my reviews(REAL NAME) Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Thin Ice (Kindle Edition) I freely admit when I got through the first few chapters of this book, I wasnt feeling IceAT ALL, and even though I knew self-preservation was uppermost in Kiki's mind, I kept wondering how she could enjoy being intimate with Ice when he made it clear he was planning on killing her best friend. But as the book progressed, Kiki's strength began to show. I actually like [...]

    2. Okay mouth open don't know what to say. I so wanted to like Ice, but he ain't sh**. Kiki got all the men wanting her butt, I don't know what to say lol. This book was like good, bad and ugly all at the same time :) I will keep reading, I don't know if I can read all 12 but I'm sure gone try lolQuay "Reviewed by BRAB Online Book Club."

    3. KR Bankston has not let me down yet! This book is a really good read! On to the next one! Yes it is a series! Yippy! LOL! I do recommend!

    4. Omg!!!! KR haven't failed me yet, from the Gianni Legacy to The Thin Ice Series I am just in Awe at how her work turns out!!!!

    5. I’ve had book one of the Thin Ice series for quite some time now. After discovering that I was 12 books behind in the series, I was a little hesitant to begin. After hearing how good it was from various friends and family members, I decided to give it a go. I haven’t looked back since. Thin Ice is not just a series; it’s an urban soap opera. In book one, we meet Ian "Ice" Bailey. Ice is feared. His name rings in the streets and he is not to be played with. Unfortunately for Kiki and her be [...]

    6. KR Bankston didn't disappoint. I have read other books by this author and each time I've been taken on a ride filled with shock, thrills, suspense and of course love. As always, the author has a unique way of getting the reader's attention from page one. All the characters are special in their own waygood and bad. You gotta love them all. In this story, Ian "Ice" Bailey is hard to describe in one word. I love his character. He is the author's most unique character. He gave me chills. I was total [...]

    7. Thin Ice is not what I thought it would beI am not saying it's not a good read I'm just saying it's not my cup of tea or at least I thought it wasn't.I am use to reading about the drug dealer, thug or stick up kid but Ice and Ryan took things to a whole new level.e story line is good some what UNBELIEVABLE at times but it's ENTERTAINING enough.I don't like a lot of the things that went on in this book thus not making this a "GOT TO READ" for me but all that changed by the endbut me being me I go [...]

    8. It took me a minute to really get into the story line of "Thin Ice" but the more I read, the more interesting the book became. Thin Ice had me laughing, angry and wanting to cry. I was really confused with Kaitlyn at times with some of the decisions that she made throughout the book, I really wanted her to be with Tariq. I felt as though he was her soul mate. Ice was very controlling and devious. The author really had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if Kaitlyn and Jeleesa were going to [...]

    9. This was a great book full of adventure,suspense and Drama. The Story was well develop and the characters was also. Thin Ice grab me from page one, and i could not put it down. The characters was so real that i felt like i have known them all my life. I was happy sad, frustrated and so many more emotions while reading this book. I like how the characters were business men and they were great at the businesses that they ran. The main Character Ice is a cold calculated killer with no remorse, and [...]

    10. Ice, ice baby.Kiki and Jaleesa are two hustlers who are having the time of their lives. That is until Ice a club owner and regular jack of all trades when it comes to the dope game see 's something/someone he wants. There is not a mountain too high or a valley to low or aan extreme too extreme to get and keep what he wants and he want Kiki. This book is off the chain because Ice is truly one of a kind, there is not a thing he is not willing to do to keep his empire under control and with the con [...]

    11. Thin Ice was my first book by KR Bankston and it definitely will not be my last. I had heard nothing but great things about the Thin Ice series so I definitely wanted to read it. I was not disappointed at all. I have to say that I don’t know how I feel about Ice at all but I loved KiKi from the very beginning. I loved how strong she became throughout the course of the book and loyal she was to her best friend. No matter what she was going to be there for her best friend. I cannot wait to read [...]

    12. At first I was a little skeptical about starting the series, because it contained 12 books, but I am glad I added this series to my to read list and finally decided to give it a chance. Looks like the start of an awesome adventure. Can't wait to see what TI 2 holds for Ice, Kiki, Ryan and Tweety! Even though they came together due to a messed up situation, it was clear that the couples loved and truely cared about each other and could not allow themselves to part ways.

    13. Right from the start I didn't like Ice a**Any man that has to feel the need to control or put his hand on a woman ain't a man in my book.But I must say this is a true page turnerWho is with who and who belongs to who???? You don't remain nowhere unless that's where you wanna beI can say it's a lie when you say True Love will never dieNo spoiler so I'm gonna sign off now so I can get started on Part 2

    14. This book was like a roller coaster ride! It was thrilling, full of dips and curves--simply outstanding! When a writer can make you care about people that you would normally want to run and hide from, you know you are being treated to the works of a gifted writer. I finished this book and had to get myself together. I will definitely be following this series and recommend this as a must read! Prepare to be completely altered afterward. Truly gifted writer!

    15. Ice be crazy! that's all! He psycho. He just decided that he wants Kiki and that's it, He will go to any length to get her, even if it means breaking her. Making her believe that her fren was dead, tapping her phone, drugging her, He crazy!!!! lololoololGood book but it makes u wonder about the people in ur life. U will look at ur bf and go hmm?

    16. If you start reading this book but are just not feeling it, please stick with it, this book is worth it!!! This book has everything friendship, family bonds, suspense, action, and love. Like everyone else, I hated Ice from the start. I absolutely love Ryan & Jaleesa, even though their relationship started off on the wrong foot. I really felt bad for Kiki & Tariq. I can’t wait to read part 2.

    17. I had a hard time reading this book in the beginning because to me it started of slow, but it did pick up. I think ICE was too much, and Kiki and Tweety I just loved their friendship. It did have a great story line. Now I’m moving on to part 2 , so I can see how Ryan and Tweety turned out

    18. The drama, suspense, romance and killing kept me going from start to finish. Ice was ruthless and loving all at the same time. He and his brother were an awesome team. Tweety and Kiki were hard core in their own right as well. Excellent book can't wait for next book.

    19. I was taken on a ride that wouldn't stop. I couldn't put the book down. He had me hooked to find out what was gonna happen next. I was real impress with his work n will continue to support this author in his work

    20. Page Turner!!!This is my first book by this author. I enjoyed the book and the story flowed well. Looking forward to the next installment!

    21. OMG!! I have never heard of this author until seeing her name on Facebook in one of my book clubs. The reviews were banging, so I had to see for myself glad I did!!

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