- By Alan Ross

Effected Intent

  • Title: Effected Intent
  • Author: Alan Ross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Effected Intent Effected Intent is a bioterrorism meets cyber thriller with an unlikely protagonist at the center of the story

    Effected Intent is a bioterrorism meets cyber thriller with an unlikely protagonist at the center of the story.

    1 thought on “Effected Intent

    1. The writing of this book is really, really bad. The author mentions that he wrote the beginning some years earlier, and it shows - the beginning is much better grammatically and has a completely different feel. The plot was fine, enough that I would have given this three stars, but I could not get past the poor writing, which seeemed to get worse as the plot got more exciting. I have built up quite a tolerance for typos after reading so many Kindle freebies, but this was something else. There wa [...]

    2. I was about half way through the book before I started to understand how the two main characters were connected. There was quite a bit of jumping back and forth between the two individuals and it was hard to follow. After I got past this stage of the story, it became a real thriller and I wanted to keep reading until the end. However, the ending was a disappointment. The story focuses on several Vietnam veterans who are working as a team to get back at the US government for their mistreatment of [...]

    3. This is a solid thriller with strong characters and varied sub plots. It is a very modern tale, centered on bio-terrorism, and cyberspace intrigue. I feel as though Mr. Ross did an excellent job developing all aspects of the story and it is an entertaining read overall.As to why I gave it only three starse editing left much to be desired. Though it may sound picky, typos and other copy errors can ruin what is otherwise a great effort by an author. If you look past these things, then Effected Int [...]

    4. The plot for this novel was okay but had a fragmented storyline. For a thriller it took forever before any action to take place and grab the reader’s interest. It was hard to know if you were reading something from the past or present. It would have helped if the author had used dates in his chapter headings. There were too many unnecessary conversations like what someone fixed for one of the main character’s lunches. The editing was poor with a good number of typos. Events ran into each oth [...]

    5. Where do I start? This book was a complete mess. I would understand if this were the author's first attempt at a novel. While I think the overall concept had some merit (hence the 2 stars)the execution was severely lacking. From the abundance of typos to the awkward dialogue between characters to the jumping back and forth between characters and locations, this book really needs a lot of work.

    6. Interesting storyline, but it read more like someone was telling you the story, rather than allowing the characters to tell the story. Hard to get involved with the characters and at times hard to figure out where the author was going since he started at one point, and then, with no warning, flashback!

    7. I only got a quarter of the way through this book before giving up on it. The writing is bland and clunky, and the story jumps around a lot. Maybe the book gets better, but I really think it should grab my interest before I get halfway through. Not worth my time to finish.

    8. I almost put this book down because the beginning was so detailed and slowbut I am glad I kept going, as the story moved along much better toward the middle and end. It's the story of a bio terrorism plot in the US and has some interesting subplots going along beside it.

    9. This book was unexpectedly good. It had a neat storyline and was easy to move through the book. The only problem I had was the story was a little slow to start and the ending was left hanging. Overall a good read.

    10. Nice idea for a plot, but sadly the prose is clunky and the dialogue stilted. Also it's written from an adolescent perspective, with women portrayed as providers of sex and food.

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