- By Jirō Taniguchi

L'uomo che cammina

  • Title: L'uomo che cammina
  • Author: Jirō Taniguchi
  • ISBN: 9788883434358
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • L uomo che cammina In questa raccolta di racconti legati da un unico filo conduttore assistiamo alle passeggiate di un tranquillo signore giapponese di mezza et lo seguiamo passo passo per strette viuzze di quartiere

    In questa raccolta di racconti legati da un unico filo conduttore, assistiamo alle passeggiate di un tranquillo signore giapponese di mezza et , lo seguiamo passo passo per strette viuzze di quartiere, lungo viottoli di campagna, su ponti e per boschi, mentre porta a spasso il cane, fa una passeggiata, si reca ad acquistare un regalo o una fetta di dolce Quasi i suoi sensIn questa raccolta di racconti legati da un unico filo conduttore, assistiamo alle passeggiate di un tranquillo signore giapponese di mezza et , lo seguiamo passo passo per strette viuzze di quartiere, lungo viottoli di campagna, su ponti e per boschi, mentre porta a spasso il cane, fa una passeggiata, si reca ad acquistare un regalo o una fetta di dolce Quasi i suoi sensi diventassero i nostri assaporiamo questi dettagli di vita giapponese, incredibilmente partecipi col protagonista.

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    1. Recently having read Muriel Barbery's The Elegance of the Hedgehog, I was reminded, in some ways, of a much better book. If one that is entirely different. The younger of the two narrative forces in Barbery's book, the genius twelve-year-old Paloma, expresses a fondness for the works of Jiro Taniguchi (specifically his Summit of the Gods). I've been a fan of Taniguchi myself for some time, though it's difficult to find his stuff on American shores.Unlike Barbery's Hedgehog, the only way one coul [...]

    2. Capítulo 4 - Subindo a Árvores (Pág. 39)”O Homem que Caminha” foi publicado originalmente entre 1990 e 1991 na revista Morning em resposta a um desafio do editor a Jirõ Taniguchi (n. 1947) para ”(…) que fizesse uma série sobre um homem que passeia por Tóquio, contada em episódios de poucas páginas.”Jirõ Taniguchi constrói a história - associando dezassete contos - de uma forma admirável com imagens absolutamente excepcionais, despojadas de diálogos e com poucos monólogos [...]

    3. Ich habe die Lektüre von dieser Graphic Novel wirklich sehr genossen.Der spazierende Mann zeigt dem Leser die Schönheit des Alltags, wie er sein könnte, wenn man einmal richtig hinschaut und sich Zeit nimmt. Gerade die atmosphärischen Zeichnungen der japanischen Vorstadt haben mir sehr gut gefallen. Obwohl kaum etwas passiert, habe ich mich an keiner Stelle gelangweilt, sondern habe alles in einem Rutsch durchgelesen. Das ganze gibt einen sehr optimistischen Blick auf das Leben eines japanis [...]

    4. Nykysuomen sanakirjan muinaisen määritelmän mukaan manga on japanilaista sarjakuvaa, joka usein sisältää pornoa ja väkivaltaa. Naurettavan väitteen takana seisovat tuskin enää edes sen kehittäjät, mutta siitä huolimatta olisi mukava luetuttaa heillä Jiro Taniguchin "The Walking Man" (Fanfare/Ponent Mon, 2014).Sarjakuva ilmestyi alun perin 1990-luvun puolivälissä Japanissa, ja on saavuttanut melko vankan kulttimaineen myös lännessä - ehkä juuri sen vuoksi, että se on aiheensa [...]

    5. Generally enjoyable and it made me a bit nostalgic for Japan and my own wanderings there. However, I found myself weirdly disliking the main character, even though he hardly says anything. Part of the problem is that he just looks annoyingly smug. Another part is that we only ever see his simple wonder of exploring new places and laughingly accepting minor misfortunes like unexpected rain or broken glasses, we never see the contrasting grind of daily life. I suppose given the homogeneity of Japa [...]

    6. Something that I really have to remember is not to wait so long when a book is calling out to me. I've been wanting to read this for years, I think, and today I finally got the chance to do so. A collection of small moments, it's a very beautiful and quiet book, and one that managed to pull me in completely. There aren't that many words, really, but they're not necessary anyway. The kind of book that makes you smile and helps you remember to pay attention to the small things - you can find joy a [...]

    7. The extraordinary that lurks within the ordinary, but stripped of any glistening of unreality or dread. A man walks, and observes, and it's magic. I feel like this is a good explanation of some of my day-long walks. There's a significant and perfect philosophy here. I would say that I only wished that they needn't be so solitary, but of course the last story here, and some of my best walks, do include a second, key walker

    8. The walking man encourages you to forget the pressures of life and enjoy every step of the journey; to appreciate every experience and meeting. This is less a story and more an expression of feelings told through beautifully rendered, compact illustrations. And, can we just appreciate Taniguchi's mastery over screen tones. this is how it should be done!The only issues I had are with the publication: flipped pages were entirely unnecessary; and it would have been wonderful seeing some of the wate [...]

    9. later addition: i ordered this at the u bookstore, some time after looking at a library copy, and this was not a mistake. i have never been to japan, but recognize the meditative existential pleasures of aimless, content, curious walking, and these images capture that simple joy. this work has virtually no dialogue, not much plot, but rendered with acute detail, such that i enjoy looking at each scene again and again. this is sort of an object case when i declare in graphic work it is not the st [...]

    10. El reciente fallecimiento de Jiro Taniguchi ha sido una invitación a la relectura de algunas de sus obras. El caminante, sin llegar a la altura de obras maestras como Barrio lejano o El almanaque de mi padre, es otra de sus muchas creaciones extraordinarias y una piedra de toque perfecta de lo que el lector puede encontrar en su obra. Con una atención a la memoria y el detalle dignos del mejor Proust, las historias de Taniguchi se configuran como un diario de la vida, del contenido y el paisaj [...]

    11. Prekrasna, topla knjiga; koja čitatelja podsjeća da obrati pažnju na one jednostavne, svakodnevne i sveprisutne stvari i pojave koje uzima zdravo za gotovo. K tome se lako i brzo čita. Jedna od onih koje treba imati u kućnoj kolekciji.Podsjetila me na moj posjet Kini. Tamo sam prvi puta doživjela da zbog zagađenja danima ne vidim nebo. Kad sam se vratila doma, tri sam mjeseca sa čuđenjem i oduševljenjem svaki dan gledala u nebesko plavetnilo, oblake i sunce. Trebala mi je ova knjigu da [...]

    12. This book made me go out and take a long walk as soon as I was done reading it. On late summer evenings, I love to lie down on the grass in our garden and look at the stars. I live far from the city, and am fortunate to be able to see the stars clearly. My family takes it as one of my idiosyncrasies. If only I could convey how beautiful the night sky can be. Why watch the TV inside, when you can watch the sky!I live close to Manali, where my favorite thing to do is to go to a forested area where [...]

    13. muito muito muito Jiro <3Aos poucos, todos nos vamos identificando com as situações por que passa; todos vamos entendendo a sua necessidade de espairecer, de apanhar chuva no rosto, de conhecer sítios novos, de fazer coisas ilegais. E a (também, unicamente?) humana sensação de incompletude que nos leva a querer ser tudo ao mesmo tempo, a procurar viver tudo num único momento, a buscar sempre uma coisa que ainda não descobrimos e não temos a certeza de que existirá algures - é disso [...]

    14. detail gambarnya menarik. karena ini komik bisu (meski ada sedikit percakapan) jadi saya agak kurang mengerti di beberapa bab. tapi secara keseluruhan menarik. membaca komik bisu itu seperti beristirahat sejenak dari kegiatan membaca kita selama ini.tinggal duduk tenang sambil memperhatikan gambar dan menebak makna dibalik setiap ceritanya. bagus. bikin kangen rumah (?)

    15. Está cansado/a do ritmo do quotidiano e dos inúmeros problemas provocados pelo stress do dia-a-dia? Então faça uma pausa contemplativa com Jirô Taniguchi, e o seu "O Homem que Caminha". Um poema em BD sobre os pequenos nadas que preenchem cada momento da nossa vida.

    16. En esta ocasión no me llego tanto, aunque he de reconocer que tiene partes que te hacen pensar , como "es hora de vivir" que gran verdad, siempre es un placer disfrutar de este autor y por supuesto lo recomiendo sin lugar a dudas.

    17. No hay historia en este cómic, sólo los paseos del protagonista y alguna anécdota intrascendente. Y consigue transmitir una sensación de placidez, de paz con el mundo, que me ha dejado fascinado.

    18. What a lovely book! Taniguchi's drawings of small urban moments are particularly well rendered. I love the way he captures the charm of suburban Japanese neighborhoods that still seem cramped even when they are comparatively spacious to city centers. And he does this in such small frames! Wow. I feel like I have been to every place he draws in the book, and yet he proposes a voyeuristic following of the walking man's perception of his daily surroundings. I've yet to read a Japanese graphic novel [...]

    19. A beautiful, quiet story about a Japanese man taking walks in his close surroundings. The images are exquisite in their low-key way of transmitting the feel of his impressions. As a reader, you get sucked into the story and hear the sounds, feel the weather on your skin and start to sense what the nameless man is thinking.The soft way in which the man experiences his world also made an impression on me, reminding me to enjoy the small moments in life more.In short: a graphic novel that I have no [...]

    20. It's so beautiful, and soothing. The man looks at life with childlike wonder, picking up broken pieces other people left behind, observing them and rebuilding them. When his wife shows him a seashell that their dog found while digging in the yard, he looks at her lovingly and asks if she wants to go on a trip to the coast to bring the seashell back where it came from. And they do.It was a lot of fun to follow a man who has never forgotten how to climb trees, or how to sneak into a closed public [...]

    21. A very unassuming gem of a book. The themes all tie to the charm of everyday unexpected surprises -the beauty of the changing seasons, and the pleasures of lounging on a tree top or swimming in the moonlight. Cleverly, the author doesn't go down the usual route by contrasting these moments with the daily grind of a salary man's life - a fact so well ingrained with the audience, we can seemingly relate and experience what our nameless protagonist feels.

    22. Meditatiivinen, rauhoittava ja yksityiskohdiltaan kaunis sarjakuva miehestä, joka tekee kävelyitä japanilaisessa kotikaupungissaan. Näillä kävelyillä ei tapahdu mitään elämää suurempaa, vaan pieniä, arkisia asioita. Muistuttaa paljon Kazuo Ishiguron Silmissä siintävät vuoret -kirjaa, jonka luin lukioikäisenä erään toisen luokkatoverini kanssa. Minä pidin kirjasta valtavasti, vaikkei siinä oikeastaan tapahtunut mitään. Luokkatoverini ei pitänyt siitä ollenkaan samasta sy [...]

    23. Nel mondo dell'uomo che cammina si puo' dormire sotto un albero di ciliegio, su un letto di petali, nel giardino dell'infanzia che ritroviamo da adulti, in uno di quei viaggi a ritroso che, attraverso l'esperienza delle sensazioni, ci permette il piu' elusivo dei tragitti, quello attraverso il tempo. (dall'introduzione di Marco M. Lupoi)

    24. Wonderful meditation on walking and life, with minimal dialogue, no real plot. If this manga is an accurate depiction of urban Japan it appears to be a pedestrian wonderland. Unlike the city I live in where I feel I take my life in my hands when I get out of my car and try to walk somewhere.

    25. This is a first but I just can't give this book a rating. One star is too little cause it was good, five stars are too much because I didn't like it that much and all of the in between just don't cut it.

    26. A beautiful book about walking and its daily allowance of solitude. Beautiful artwork, I found this book very calming.

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