- By Laurien Berenson

Gone with the Woof

  • Title: Gone with the Woof
  • Author: Laurien Berenson
  • ISBN: 9780758284525
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gone with the Woof When Melanie s Aunt Peg volunteers her to help one of dogdom s elder statesmen write his memoirs Melanie has no idea what she s getting into Edward March turns out to be a crotchety manipulating phi

    When Melanie s Aunt Peg volunteers her to help one of dogdom s elder statesmen write his memoirs, Melanie has no idea what she s getting into Edward March turns out to be a crotchety, manipulating philanderer and when his adult son Andrew is killed in a hit and run crash, March quickly becomes the prime suspect.Drawn into the investigation, Melanie uncovers family discordWhen Melanie s Aunt Peg volunteers her to help one of dogdom s elder statesmen write his memoirs, Melanie has no idea what she s getting into Edward March turns out to be a crotchety, manipulating philanderer and when his adult son Andrew is killed in a hit and run crash, March quickly becomes the prime suspect.Drawn into the investigation, Melanie uncovers family discord, secret hoarding, and two generations of disgruntled ex lovers Melanie busy with her own child who s about to enter the terrible twos, not to mention a new puppy for Davey must follow a convoluted trail of clues, but before she can act on what she uncovers, the killer prepares to strike again and this time she s is the target

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    1. I always love reading about Melanie Travis and her family. Always feel right at home. This was another good read. Laurie Berenson is an awesome author!! Love her books, and always enjoy them and would recommend her to everyone. The characters are ones you just want to move in with and be around all the time. I gave the book an A+ or 5 stars.

    2. “Canines, Confidences and Crime”In this latest “Melanie Travis Crime Mystery”, we find Melanie is now a stay-at-home Mom since the birth of son, Kevin. With her daily schedule pretty well mapped out, things are going along smoothly—much to the dismay of highly opinionated Aunt Peg, who feels Melanie’s life is boring. When Aunt Peg learns that legendary dog show judge/founder of March Homes/breeder of award-winning Irish Setters, Edward March is planning to write a book and is looking [...]

    3. Melanie Travis is a housewife with a small child, a teenager and dogs, dogs and more dogs. Life had become a little mundane for Melanie, as her Aunt Peg repeatedly tells her, so Aunt Peg finds her something to do with her time. She has decided that Melanie should help a former dog show competitor and judge write a book about his life in the “dog” world. Having lived her life in the world of show dogs, she reluctantly accepts the job. How hard could it be really?Believing it to be nothing mor [...]

    4. At the urging of Aunt Peg, Melanie (who is now married and mother to a toddler and middle-school aged boy) takes a part-time job as a co-author. Much to her dismay, the book will not be about Mr. March's distinguished history in the dog show world but will instead be a memoir of his many love affairs. Just as she's trying to finding a way to back gracefully out of the project, his adult son is hit and killed by a car. When the police discover it appears purposeful, they seemingly focus their att [...]

    5. I thought I had already rated this. So nice to see Melanie and the gang back for another installment after much too long! I miss more of Aunt Peg and Melanie as a school teacher. The stay at home mom thing leaves me cold, but that's probably because I don't have kids! LOVE this series and am waiting for the next installment!

    6. I enjoyed this book. For me the early Melanie Travis books are still the best. (The first 5 or 6). When Melanie was showing the Poodles and we learned a little about dog shows and how they work. I do not think new readers will enjoy this book nearly as much as someone who's read the series.

    7. I am very fond of a terrific podcast called "What Should I Read next?" in which the host asks guests to name three of their favorite books, one book which they didn't especially like, and what they are looking for in their reading lives. Based on that information, she attempts to recommend their next reads. The podcast got me to thinking about what makes me choose what I do from my ever growing "to read" list.In this instance, the answer is clear. For the past several weeks, I've spent most of m [...]

    8. Yes there were dogs involved the story revolves around people who breed and show dogs, but thankfully, the dogs do not control the story or do anything much more than be dogs. I hate the stories where the animals are “superhuman” and help the human solve the crime. Here, Melanie is hired to help an elderly dog show judge (Edward March) write his memoirs, but instead of a story about his life with dogs, he wants to write a tell-all story about his love affairs with women in the dog show world [...]

    9. Here is a cozy with wonderful pets, dysfunctional but loving relatives, suspenseful murder mystery, a fast-paced and descriptive story telling style, and overall warm and hopeful feelings throughout the book. It is so enjoyable reading about Melanie’s day to day life with her family without any personal or family problems, unlike most people’s lives. The murder mysteries in each of the books in the series are suspenseful and well-developed, but I especially liked the new characters and the s [...]

    10. Melanie's Aunt Peg thinks Melanie's brain is going soft because she is just being a stay at home mom so she offers Melanie's services to be a co-author on a legend in the dog world, Edward March. Melanie learns that the book is going to be more of a tell-all book, but the book is put on hold when Edward's son, Andrew, is killed by a hit-and-run. Edward knows that Melanie has done some sleuthing in the past and asks her to look into things. I love the "Melanie Travis Canine Mystery" cozy series, [...]

    11. ? Despite a toddler and a house full of Standard Poodles, Melanie Travis can't pass up an opportunity to help legendary dog breeder Edward March pen his life story. The breeder's angry son Andrew demands she stop working on the book. Suddenly, Andrew is killed by a seemingly intentional hit-and-run. Melanie sniffs out every possible clue, runs into dead ends as fast as she runs out of time. The longer the killer stays unleashed, the sooner she may end up in the dog house for good.

    12. Second time around it is still good. I liked all of the books in this series. The information on dog show and handling is enjoyable, and the information on poodles makes me want one for myself! In fact, my dad told me once that I should have a standard poodle instead of Shepards . well, maybe one more GSD and then switch to poodles. But they need hair cuts and all that . anyway, This book is interesting from beginning to end, and the action at the end goes quickly.

    13. Murder mystery set in the world of dog shows. The protagonist gets volunteered by her aunt of ghost write a book for a dog show judge that she thinks is going to be about his career. But he decides to make it a tell-all tale of his sexual conquests. When his sons is murdered, the author sets about finding out who-done it. Lots of dogs & family relationships.Good sleepy-time book.

    14. I have always loved this series. Of course, I love poodles so that helps. This one with a toddler and poodles is just great.

    15. Melanie is hired to help famous breeder write a book, but instead gets involved in yet another mystery. Good read.

    16. Another fun read for this author. A retired dog show judge's son is the victim of a hit and run. Or is it murder!

    17. I just really enjoy this series. Some of the "mysteries" are better than others, however I feel as if Melanie and family are friends and I enjoy catching up with them and the pups.

    18. Who dun it?Enjoyable read. Enjoyable characters. The book was fairly predictable but easy to read, for light reading on a rainy day.

    19. I enjoy the Melanie Travis series of books. Laurien Berenson has a way of writing that makes me forget everything until I finish the current book

    20. Another wonderful installment in the Melanie Travis series. One reason I love this series is Laurien Berenson stays true to her characters and just never disappoints. Well written, likeable and engaging characters and a well written plot. This entry is no exception.

    21. Wow what a finishVery well written. Good storyline and wonderful characters. Melanie sure has a way of finding trouble. But Andrew and his father are crazy people. Good read

    22. Cross-posted on Dorothy-L.I can't tell you how excited I was to learn there was going to be a new book in the Melanie Travis series. The last book, titled DOGGIE DAY CARE MURDER, appeared in 2008, and we feared there would be no more. But here we have the newest, GONE WITH THE WOOF.Things have changed in Melanie's domestic life. Her marriage to Sam has resulted in a brother for nine-year-old Davy, and Melanie has taken indefinite time off from her special-needs tutoring duties at a private schoo [...]

    23. x-posted to A Prairie Girl Reads Stay-at-home mom, Melanie Travis, is enjoying life with her toddler, Kevin, and school age son, Davey. However her nosy Aunt Peg thinks she is getting bored, so she offers up Melanie's services to help dog breeder/judge, Edward March, write his memoirs. Just as Melanie starts to learn that his memoirs is more of a tell-all, his son, Andrew, is killed. With a fragile health, Edward wants to know who killed his son and asks Melanie to investigate.Gone With the Woof [...]

    24. Melanie Travis (former English teacher) is no longer working & decided to be a stay-at-home mom. However her Aunt Peg (Margaret) has other plans for Melanie & has gotten her job as a co-author/editor working for Edward March (CEO March homes, dog breeder, hoarder). His dreams are to write a memoir entitled Puppy Love. Melanie’s family consists of Sam (husband), Davey Travis (son), & Kevin (22 months). Bob is her ex-husband. Melanie also is a dog lover/trainer & shows poodles. T [...]

    25. I've been a fan of this series since the first book came out years ago, and they're books I will occasionally re-read. I was certain the last book, Doggie Day Care Murder, was the last one, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the upcoming release of Gone With the Woof. I made sure to pre-order it and couldn't wait to revisit old friends.For this long time fan, the story didn't disappoint. Melanie, Sam, Aunt Peg, Bertie - the gang is all here and are as likeable and delightful as ever. Aunt [...]

    26. Laurien Berenson is back with a bang with a new Melanie Travis mystery and it was great!The book is set 18 months after the Doggie Daycare Mystery and we find that Melanie has decided to give up sleuthing after the last mystery in which the person killed himself in front of Melanie and is now a stay at home Mom. That is until her strong willed Aunt Peg decides Melanie has become boring and it's up to her end the boredom in Melanie's life by volunteering her to be help write prominent dog show ju [...]

    27. I picked up this book because there was a dog on the cover. (Yes, I know, great strategy for book selection.) Given the title I figured it would be a romance/chick lit type book with a dog as a primary character. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was a mystery book - part of a series. The dog element comes in because the main character (aka the sleuth) owns 5 poodles that compete in dog shows. This was interesting to me as a relatively new dog mom because we have our dog in agility cla [...]

    28. I have skipped a few Berenson's. Got sick of them at some point in the past and took a long break. I may not have gone back except that I picked up a free ARC and wanted to give it away so read it quickly. It was good enough that I am going to put her back on my reading lists.Berenson is a decent writer, with good plotting, semi-interesting (if a bit stereotypical) characters and she certainly knows her dogs. The dog part is my favorite. Love the glimpse into the dog show world and the bits of d [...]

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