- By Fortesa Latifi

We Were Young

  • Title: We Were Young
  • Author: Fortesa Latifi
  • ISBN: 9781329592469
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • We Were Young This is the second book by Fortesa Latifi In her sopho collection of poetry Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity We Were Young explores the heartbreaks hangovers and hang

    This is the second book by Fortesa Latifi.In her sopho collection of poetry, Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity We Were Young explores the heartbreaks, hangovers, and hang ups associated with growing up.

    1 thought on “We Were Young

    1. I'm frustrated with this one because most of the poems are a miss and I just couldn't connect to it. It's like a rundown of lines and random themes are thrown in. Quite messy in my opinion but I'm willing to give the author's other poetry books a chance.

    2. I meant to call to tell you that we found your elbow in the bottom of the swimming pool but I wasn't sure if you would want it back.

    3. Some poems worked for me more than others but overall I liked it. Some of my favorite parts: yesterday, I taught my niece how to sayI love you and she laughed and laughed.I wonder who taught me. - the third rejection lettereveryone is terrified of your heart reaching through your ribs.everyone is terrified of the way you love like an open door.didn't you ever learn you're supposed to guard yourself?you're supposed to swallow the key or, at the very least, hide itbehind your tongue. - everyone is [...]

    4. looking through old photo albumsand envying ouryounger selves which is not a comfortable feeling. once, in a lecture, a professor named the exactsensation. exaltation of the past:the tendency toview the past as ideal and feel the intense desire to return to it. even last month seems perfect and today, hopeless already. ____________________ This hit home too hard. I loved it. I kept rereading some lines for days actually.But reading it was like being stabbed in the gut—quick and painful. (not t [...]

    5. I discovered Fortesa Latifi's poetry on Instagram, of all places, and immediately fell in love with it. Latifi's writing is relatable, detailed, and profound. These poems are about life as a young adult, learning how to navigate depression and love. I read this book in one sitting and keep going back through and finding new favorites.

    6. Beautiful poetry collection. From the first page, I was drawn in. Latifi has a way of immersing you in another reality, or rather numerous realities. Although the collection is short, I felt like I was living a thousand lifetimes, I mean that in a good way! Some of the poems just swept me away; you know that feeling when you step out of a cinema after two hours and your mind is simply elsewhere. I'm still feeling that after reading this collection. Full review to come.

    7. "We make dinner and are stupidly proud when it requires more than three ingredients."At first, I thought I wouldn't click with this book, but the second half was intense and beautiful. I relate with her words on many different levels. There's a mixture between the daily and tangible, and the abstract and universal. Definitely worth reading.

    8. Another amazing quick collection of poems. Many resonated deep with me, and I will definitely be reading this collection over and over. Beautifully crafted and touching on the themes of youth, loss, and growing up, I know these poems will still hit me hard in the years to come. If you get a chance, have a read of them.

    9. I didn't understand most of the poems, it's almost like they're nonsense and were just written for sake of "writing a poem". At the end of every poem, I think, "is this it? where's the story?" I wish they were just written in essay form— it would've been better.

    10. Mmmm. Uhhh. Fiiiine. I'll write my thoughts later. All I know right now is that this didn't work out for me as I hoped it would.

    11. "the good news is I survived knowing youe bad news is you were somethingI had to survive."- Fortesa Latifi, the truth in two partsThis collection felt like reading my own thoughts, composed in a way I've never thought them before. It felt like reading about my own experiences and revelations and heartbreaks in a beautifully poetic and yet simply honest way.There's a continuing theme throughout the collection of feeling a loss of youth. Written by a 22 year old, still young and wild, made it even [...]

    12. “my body doesn’t know how to be a body without constant reminders”Fortesa Latifa’s second book of poetry, We Were Young gets right to the heart of being young, and female, in love and in pain and buffeted by the world. Her poems are weapons the same way your favorite lipstick is- a lovely veneer that masks sharp teeth. At 59 pages, it goes quickly, but each poem deserves a second, a third read, a careful peeling back of the short skirt and the lacy top to get at the bloody flesh undernea [...]

    13. Discovered snippets these poems on Instagram, purchased a booklet on , and read the book in one sitting the day it arrived. Latifi is honest and raw and relatable in a way that pierces your heart. I would recommend this book to anyone, but felt its contents were especially relatable to young women - teens and twenty-somethings. Worth the exploration. A light read with depth and emotional density. This little book was a delight.

    14. I read this book in one sitting but I know it will not be my only reading of it. Latifi looks back on being young, reckless, and naive with many mixed emotions and chronicles her struggles with adulthood and mental illness with strong, effective words. This book is utterly beautiful.

    15. Another great book! Like 'This Is How We Find Each Other," I also bought "We Were Young" on iBooks. I also read this in one entire sitting! Fortesa is very creative with her imagery and she expands upon themes of youth and romance. A must-read for anyone who enjoys poetry! :)

    16. BeautifulI read this too quickly and I felt myself so into the words that I sometimes had to put it down, cry, or take screenshots and share with friends. Recommend for anyone who wants to feel poetry.

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